Why Laces?

Madshus uses laces to provide the best, most customizable fit that does not loosen in use.

To achieve the best fit from your Madshus boots, try these lacing techniques.

  1. Increasing heel hold – Marathon lacing

    If you have a narrow heel, this lacing can help hold your foot more securely in the heel of your boot.

    On the top two webbing loops :

    • lace straight up from one to the other instead of across
    • Then lace across and through the loop that is formed
    • Tie a regular knot at the top.

    This loop creates a pulley-effect to create more heel hold.

    Cross Country Ski Boot Lacing

  2. Different tightness in different places

    Do you want to have low pressure on your forefoot and a snug fit in the midfoot and rearfoot?

    • Lace the forefoot to the desired tension.
    • Cross the laces twice.
    • Continue lacing.
    • Tension the midfoot to the desired tension. The forefoot tension should not change.

    Cross Country Ski Boot Lacing

  3. Surfer’s Knob – High, Irritated point on top of instep

    To avoid pressure on this spot, skip one crossing of the laces. Instead lace up from one webbing eyelet to the one directly above.

    Cross Country Ski Boot Lacing