Redline Carbon Classic Plus Skis
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Redline Carbon Classic Plus Skis


Designed, tested and proven with the best athletes in the world, the REDLINE Nordic Ski Series establishes a new standard for speed.


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With a higher camber profile and P200 Nano Transparent base, you are guaranteed better kick and glide in soft, dirty snow with the REDLINE Carbon Classic Plus Nordic Ski.


3 D Construction

3D Construction is the unique process of shaping the ski's core to remove weight and channel stiffness and responsiveness in specific patterns for a precise tuning of a ski's torsional rigidity and flex.
3D Construction Technology

Pr100 X Core

PR100X is an acrylic-based, high-performance Rohacell foam core, that was developed for extreme strength-to-weight applications in aeronautics. Reinforced with Triaxial Braiding Technology, the PR100X has extremely uniform density with no resin absorption, resulting in a super lightweight core, and excellent snow dampening abilities.
PR100X Core Technology

Triaxial Carbon Construction

Triaxial Carbon Construction contains a higher carbon content surrounding the core material. This creates a ski that is extremely lightweight, torsionally stiff, and lively. Madshus uses this construction on all of our Champion Series racing skis.
  • 1) 3D Cap
  • 2) Linear Fiberglass
  • 3) Unidirectional Carbon
  • 4) Core
  • 5) Triaxial Woven Fiberglass
  • 6) Fiberglass Veil
  • 7) Base
Triaxial Carbon Construction Technology

P200 Base Black

The all-new P200 Nano Base family is a further development of our renowned base materials. The properties and variations of snow are almost infinite, so the different materials that make up P200 Nano Transparent, Black, and Nano Zero base are unique to achieve the best racing skis possible.
P200 Base Black Technology