Hypersonic Carbon Skate Skis
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Hypersonic Carbon Skate Skis


From race day to training time, get World Cup performance at a great value with the Hypersonic Skate cross country ski.


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With a medium-high, flexible camber profile, Triaxial Carbon Construction, and medium pressure areas, the Hypersonic Carbon Skate nordic ski is the perfect choice for a variety of snow conditions.


Pr90 Core

The PR90 core reinforced by a triaxial Polycell core technology, is used because of its light weight and the ability to dampen the ride of the ski.The core is then 3D shaped for ultimate power transfer and weight savings.
PR90 Core Technology

Triaxial Carbon Construction

Triaxial Carbon Construction contains a higher carbon content surrounding the core material. This creates a ski that is extremely lightweight, torsionally stiff, and lively. Madshus uses this construction on all of our Champion Series racing skis.
  • 1) 3D Cap
  • 2) Linear Fiberglass
  • 3) Unidirectional Carbon
  • 4) Core
  • 5) Triaxial Woven Fiberglass
  • 6) Fiberglass Veil
  • 7) Base
Triaxial Carbon Construction Technology

P190 Nano Base

Designed for the Champion Series the P190 Nano base comes in three different styles - Cold, Plus, Universal, and Zero CIG. Each style is intended to match up with your skiing conditions and waxing needs for the best performance.
P190 Nano Base Technology