Beitostolen Skis
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Beitostolen Skis


With a re-designed geometry, the Beitostolen nordic ski provides the perfect mix of stiffness and performance.




Built with a high quality Paulownia core with carbon reinforcement, and a 4mm sidecut, the Beitostolen nordic ski delivers a touring experience like no other.


Torsion Cap Construction

Torsion Cap Construction involves a braided core covered by a cap. This form of construction allows for very durable and light construction and provides tremendous versatility in ski characteristics.
  • 1) Cap or 3D Cap
  • 2) Unidirectional Fiberglass
  • 3) Unidirectional Carbon
  • 4) Core
  • 5) Multidirectional Fiberglass
  • 6) Base
Torsion Cap Construction Technology

Paulownia/ Carbon Hybrid Construction

Paulownia provides a lightweight ski core that helps create a lightweight and even density platform. The core is then surrounded by carbon reinforcement for an optimal weight to stiffness ratio.
Paulownia/ Carbon Hybrid Construction Technology

P Tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base

The PTex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base uses polyethylene pellets pressed into a hard block and cut off into thin strips. This results in a very hard base that is relatively porous and accepts glide wax well, especially after numerous applications.
PTex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base Technology

Nis Plates

The NIS (Nordic Integrated System), allows for the quick and easy removal of NNN bindings. Make micro adjustments out on the trail and dial in your performance.
NIS Plates Technology