CNano Carbon Race 100 UHM Poles Cross Country Champion Pole
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Nano Carbon Race 100 UHM Poles


For racers looking to perform at the highest level, look no further than the new Nano Carbon Race 100 UHM.

This product is currently unavailable online. Check back soon or head to your local dealer.


The 100% ultra-high modulus carbon shaft provides the ultimate stiffness-to-weight ratio. The Contour Champion Strap is built with a single-molded construction for superb comfort, and with a heat-moldable design that enables a custom fit for infinite variety of hand shapes. Thanks to a brand new graphics package, you'll be easy to recognize at the front of the pack.
length: 135-175/2.5cm
basket: 10mm UHM Basket
tip: Tungsten Carbide
additional: NEW Contour Champion Strap


Ultra High Modulus Shaft

Using 100% ultra high modulus carbon construction helps create a pole with increased stiffness and a reduced weight of 58 grams per meter. This results in an efficient, direct transfer of energy.
Ultra High Modulus Shaft Technology

3 D Heat Moldable

Madshus Contour stropp er en 3D-konstruksjon bygget rundt håndens komplekse form og bevegelsesmønster, slik at den sitter som støpt og gir optimal kraftoverføring til staven. Stroppen er fleksibel og lett å justere, og kan også varmetilpasses for individuelle behov.
3D Heat Moldable Technology


Silicone printing on the inside of the Contour Champion and Contour Race straps keeps the strap firmly in place so you can pole more effectively from start to finish.
Supergrip Technology

Contour Strap

Newly redesigned, the contour straps uses a new orientation of webbing that extends to the wrist to prevent stretch, maximizing force transmission to get you to the finish line faster. With the ability to heat mold and the combination of Super Grip, it provides superior comfort and hold on the hand. Used on the Contour Champion and Race Strap.
Contour Strap Technology