Hyper RPS Boots
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Hyper RPS Boots


Push to the finish line with the help of the Hyper RPS Nordic Ski Boot.


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The full-length composite lastboard, high cuff, and R3 outsole create an extra performance kick to get you to the finish line faster. Designed as a high-end Race Performance Nordic skate ski boot, the RPS is still known for comfort with Cordura lower, MemBrain Softshell upper, and water-repellant zipper to keep your feet warm and dry.


Mem Brain® Softshell Construction

The MemBrain® softshell and hybrid constructions, allow the boot to comfortably conform to the contours of the foot while providing durability, waterproof protection, breathability, and warmth.
MemBrain® Softshell Construction Technology

Pvc Free

In keeping with Madshus' ongoing commitment to protect the winter world, Madshus has introduced the best-fitting and most breathable boots yet, in a totally PVC-Free construction that lessens our impact on the winter world around us.
PVC-Free Technology

Lacing Fingers

Providing the best-fitting Nordic boots requires a lacing system that secures the entire foot. Madshus' Lacing Fingers reach far below the boot's visible lacing system to the bottom of the boot, securing the forefoot laterally and medially with balanced lacing tension.
Lacing Fingers Technology